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Member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors
Auckland: North, East, West and Central
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Are you or someone you know in need of a counsellor?
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Counselling for:

    -Individuals & couples

    -Men & Women


    -Young Adults


Other Services:

    -Workshops in:


      *Managing Conflict

      *Grief & Loss

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      *Advanced Care

    -Support Groups:



      *Abortion/         Post-Abortion

Confidential Counselling
When you need someone to talk to who will listen and understand without judging you, a trusting, confidential counselling relationship can provide the support you need. From A Way Forward you will experience respect and acceptance from a counsellor who will walk beside you through your issues.

You set the pace
Whether you want to set new goals, make a decision, or see your way forward in a difficult relationship at work or at home, with a family member, friend, or colleague talking to a counsellor from A Way Forward can assist you on your journey ahead.

Manage grief
Lost your loved one? The process of grieving can be a difficult path especially when you are walking through it alone. When others expect you to "get over it" we know that the memory of a loved one can evoke a well of emotions sometimes too difficult to explain. You will be assisted to acknowledge and accept your grief.

Make changes
You may like to attend counselling to learn more about yourself, your feelings, thinking and your behaviour. You could be supported to make helpful changes in your life that will benefit you in your future. A counsellor will work with you at your own pace on the issues you wish to work on